Human Body

There is a Body part that does not get Blood Supply 

  1. Every human body part gets Oxygen from the blood. The only part that doesn’t get it is the Cornea of Eye.  It gets Oxygen directly from the Air because it does not get blood supply.

Eat and Breathe at the same time 

2. Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time till the age of 7 months. Rest of us cannot.

Our Heart works with full heart

3. The main function of Heart is to pump in Blood to various parts of the body through the arteries. A Human heart beats 100,000 times in a day (24 hours) and pumps 7,200 litres of blood. For a man with who lives till 70, his heart has beats 2.5 billion times that is 250 crore heart beats and of course do a simple math and you shall get 16 crore 38 lac litres of blood that was pumped by this hard working heart that is 163.8 million litres of  blood.

A Complex of complex parts

4. Human Body is very complex from inside; the approximate length of the Blood Vessels in Human Body is 100,000 Kilometres.

Humans sleep like no other species

5. Sleeping is an important part of any living thing. Even Plants sleep. Humans are the only living things that sleep on their backs. Animals sleep in different positions and some weird ones like standing up-Horses are one know for the same.

Human cells are constantly replacing itself

6. Human cells die and replace with new once in seconds. 50,000 died and replaced while you finished reading this sentence. There are 200 types of cells in human body, Red Blood (maximum life span of 120 days), White Blood, Skin Cells (Life span of 14 days), Neurons to name a few. There are approximately 30 trillion cells in Human Body.

Human Body is Lab

7. Human body is like a Laboratory in itself and a Big one. Approximately 100,000 chemical reactions take place inside a human body every second.  Yes, second.  Now don’t go bonkers thinking something will explode inside.

A Kiss of Chemical Reactions

8. 100,000 chemical reactions per second are enough to have a chemical reaction going on for everything we do.  A passionate kiss causes the same amount and intensity of Chemical reaction that is causes by firing a Gun. So it is better to opt for kissing then firing a gun. Now, we can say based on the scientific proof that Love is better than violence.

Our Nose is nosy

9. Human Nose can is no less, we can detect 1 trillion smells and you thought only dogs could smell better.  Of course Dogs can but we will talk about Dogs in some other article.

Its your Skin in the Game

10. Human Body’s largest Organ is SKIN, it can go upto 15% of body weight. Just imagine 15 Kilograms of skin if you are 100. Sure, you are thinking of losing your skin like the snake light now.

We are all Identical

11. Humans are genetically 99% identical on genetic level. So show some love for each other. We are all different yet same.

Do not do that stunt again

12. The sound of cracking knuckles comes from the Gas bubbles in your joint. So next time someone tries to show it you as a trick, tell him to go release his somewhere else.

Your Nose knows

13. Every Human organ play a vital role, when you breathe in only one nostril performs the task not both but after few hours the load taken by the other one.  It’s a well balanced natural act which happens on its own.

Goose Bumps were born to scare

14. Goose bumps evolved over a period of many centuries in our ancestors when they used to hunt and eat. The hair on the body stood up to make them look more Threatening to Predators.

You had more when you were a child

15. Believe it or not but infants are born with 300 bones and as we grow they merge to become 206. And most of these bones are hands, ankles, wrists and feet.

The longest and the smallest

16. The longest and strongest bone in the Human body is the Thigh Bone called Femur which is from Knee Joints to Hip. ‘Stirrup’ or ‘Stapes’ is the smallest bone in the human body, it is inside the Ear and measures just 3 × 2.5 mm.

The Brain food

17. No doubt that brain needs more oxygen considering so much going inside it. It requires 20% of our Oxygen and Blood supply in spite of consisting just 2% of body mass. It is so small compared other organs that 90% of brains is made while we just 6 years old.

The kiss carries more than just emotions

18. A kiss not only causes aggressive chemical reactions in the body, it also increase the pulse to 100 beats and it transfers 80 million bacteria during a 10 sec Kiss from one to another. DO  NOT WORRY. Go ahead and kiss as these are probiotic bacteria and are not harmful.

A hiccup can last long, a few years as well

19. A man registered in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest attack of Hiccups. He Hiuccp-ed constantly from 1922 till 1990, 68 years of constant hiccups. That’s about 430 million hiccups. He has a relief during the last year of his life when it suddenly disappeared at the age of 96 and he left peacefully at 97. No one knows why it happened till date. Hiccups are caused diaphragm muscle contracts. Each contraction makes the vocal chords to close. Oh by the way, this unfortunate man was named Charles Osborn who has 68 years of Hiccup Attack.

Lungs are big, too big

20. Human Lungs contain 300 million small air sacks called Alveoli. Both the Lungs out together are roughly 700 million air sacks which if opened and laid down straight on the floor it would be 70 sq meters in area which is equal to half the size of Tennis Court.

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