Coffee Business is big business      

Coffee is largest traded commodity in the world after Crude Oil. It is a $100 billion business.

Origin of the name

Coffee comes from the Arabic word for ‘wine’.

Brazil leads the Coffee Production

40% of Coffee consumed by the world is produced Brazil followed by Vietnam in second position. India produces approximately 300 Metric Tonnes of Coffee per year and ranks 7th among the world coffee producing countries.  70% of India’s coffee production is done in the state of Karnataka followed Kerala at 21% and then Tamil Nadu at 5%. Indians are not coffee fans because 80% of the coffee produced in India is exported. A whopping 29% of Indian Coffee Exports are for Italy.

America is not the biggest consumer of Coffee

We have see Americans consume coffee like no one in Movies, shows etc but the biggest consumers of Coffee are not Americans, it is the people of Finland. Finland’s average coffee consumption per person per annum is 28 pounds whereas that of American is 11 pounds.

American’s spend quite a lot on Coffee

Average spend by an American on coffee per annum is more than $1000 which is lot of money spent on a beverage in one year.

Coffee is technically a Fruit not Bean

Coffee is technically or should we say botanically a fruit and a bean. You may also call it a seed. The coffee beans as the world likes to call it are in 2 colours, Red & Green.

Coffee is as good as a Health Drink

Coffee reduces the risk of suicide by an astounding 50% in those who drink 2-4 cups of coffee every day. As it burns fats, many gym trainers recommend having coffee before the workout. Many studies say that consumption of coffee by men can lower the risk of prostate cancer by 20%. Not only this, studies have shown that regular consumption of Coffee can reduce the risk of heart ailments and Alzheimer’s disease.  Now, isn’t this good enough to call your Coffee a Heath Drink.

You see so many but there are actually only 2 types of Coffee

When you visit a Starbucks or a Cafe Coffee Day , you end up seeing multiple varieties of coffee being served but the origin beans are only of 2 types namely Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is lower in acidity and mild whereas Robusta is more acidic and strong. Basically Robusta is a bitter coffee

Espresso is expresso

When small amount of boiling water is forced under high pressure through very finely ground Coffee Beans, it is called Espresso. The process was originated in Italy and the word means expressed while forcing out. Espresso coffee has more caffeine per unit volume than other Coffee beverages but as it is usually served in small portion in small cups it is ok to consume the same. Because it is consumed in small cups, Espresso Shots are very famous across the Globe.

Hawaii is no more the only Coffee Producing state of USA

Coffee plantation required a specific kind of Geography to grow and flourish. Usually high altitude where rains are never a problem and good quality heavy soil supports coffee plantation.  Hawaii was the only state in America where Coffee Production was happening till California also started exploring the possibilities of the same.  Because of just 2 states managing to grow Coffee, America is one biggest importers of Coffee after Europe. USA imports 20% of the total Coffee imports by the world. In 2019, USA topped the list of Biggest Coffee importer Country with imports worth $5.8 billion

Coffee was discovered by Goats

It is story that has not been challenged till date that the Goat herders discovered in 1500s in Ethiopia when the Goats ended up eating the Coffee Beans and the herders found the Goats jumping with energy

Coffee stays warmer with Cream

Add Cream to Coffee to keep it warmer. It is a proven fact that Coffee remains warmer by 20% more when Cream added to it. By adding Cream, the Coffee becomes thicker and the Evaporation slows down compared to plain Black Coffee.

Top 5 Coffee buying Countries

United States of America that spends approximately $5.8 billion per annum to import coffee which is 20% Coffee import of the world, Germany comes second with $3.2 billion worth of Coffee purchase, France is number 3 with $2.7 billion worth of Coffee imports which 9% of the total Coffee import of the world, Italy buys Coffee worth $1.6 billion (29% of Coffee exported from India goes to Italy) and finally Japan comes 5th with Coffee imports worth $1.2 billion. These are the import figures of 2019.


Decaffeinating is the process of removing Caffeine from Coffee. A Decaffeinated Coffee is not 100% Caffeine Free. The process removed anywhere from 90 to 98% Caffeine. To make you easy to understand, a regular 470 ml Coffee Mug will have 188 ml of Caffeine whereas the same amount of Decaffeinated Coffee will have just 9.4 ml of Caffeine. Once the Caffeine is removed from the Coffee, it is sold to Soda Manufacturers. Coca Cola is one of the biggest buyer of the same.

Dark Roast is not what we believe it is

Dark Roast Coffee has a strong flavour whereas Light Roast is mild. Looking at the taste and colour we believe that Dark Roast has more Caffeine which is not the case. Light Roast has much more Caffeine than the Dark Roast.

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