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We had to write the facts about Elon Musk for he has achieved another milestone of his bucket list of business dreams by launching 60 starlink Satallites using Falcon 9 rocket which the first step towards his dream of spreading 12000 satallite across the planet Earth to provide high speed internet anywhere anytime.

Starlink will be a Constellation Internet Service that will be provided using the flying satellites in space revolving around the plant Earth. Earlier the plan was to shoot and place 12,000 satellites which has now been renewed to 42,000 satellites after the permission from International Telecommunication Union.

He is perhaps the most loved entrepreneur of the Decade and seems he will continue his fan following for next decade as well.

Tesla was not the Elon’s Company :

Elon Musk who risked all the wealth by investing in SpaceX and then ventured in Tesla by investing in the company and then ensuring the Public listing of the Company which currently is valued very high with a Market Capitalization at $409 billion.

Elon Musk has 20% stake in the company. From a company which was on the verge collapsing in 2019 to the one that is overtaken the valuation of GM and Toyota combined together in 2020, Elon has definitely done things that are magical.

Elon is well read professional, lets know some interesting facts about this new Age Business Owner who has given some Dream Goals rest of the world especially the younger generation.

Studied enough yet dropped out to make a difference :

Elon Reeve Musk was born in 1971 and raised in South Africa and studies in the Pretoria University of Pretoria-South Africa before moving to Canada to study in Queen’s University. He moved to USA and finished his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Pennsylvania in Economics and Physics.

He moved to California in 1995 to do his Ph.D in Applied Physics and Material Sciences at Stanford University. Perhaps Elon is only one who dropped out of college in just 2 days to pursue his business Goals; we must say he took the right call.

Musk was a wiz kid :

Elon Musk has been an exception person since childhood. He was so much into reading books during his childhood that he would for upto 10 hours sometimes and had read the entire encylopedia at the age of 9.

Not only that, Elon learnt Computer Programming himself at the age of 9 and at 12 he built and sold a PC Game based on Space theme called Blaster. The Game was bought by a computer Magazine.  One can play Blaster online even today.

From a student in 1995 to world’s 5th richest :

Elon musk has had exciting journey with Ups and Downs from a student in 1995 to world’s 5th richest business owner in 2020 with a Net Worth of $102 billion in shares and assets as on Aug 31st Aug 2020. This wealth is linked to shares of Tesla and Space X.

The Brave wins it all :

Elon founded the first company which was Software Company that was sold to Compaq for a decent $307 milllion in 1999.  Elon personally earned $22 million from this sale.

He could have moved on to live life of a King as $22 million dollars is dream money at the age of 28.

Instead of enjoying the money, he decided to form an online bank which along with Confinity-an American software company to launch Paypal 2000. Paypal was acquired by ebay-an e commerce company from America at a price of $1.5 billion in 2002. Elon earned a huge sum of $180 billion.

Just imagine, this young man makes $22 million at the age of 28 and three down the line makes another $180 million at the age of 31.

And it was Elon who bets on his dreams and launched SpaceX- A Space Transport Service Company now very popular with the success of its association with NASA and by achieving the successful launch and return of Flacon 9 Rocket with 2 Astronauts. The mission was launched on 30th May 2020 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and the Astronauts arrived back on Earth at Florida’s Port Canaveral on 2nd June 2020.

Musk is a Multi Task Master :

Elon Musk is running Tesla as CEO and he founded and running the overall operations of The Boring Company, Neuralink, Space X and Open AI.

Tesla is in to manufacturing of electric cars, battery energy storage from home to grid scale and solar products. Elon Musk’s 21% stake in the company makes him one of richest young entrepreneurs of the World

SpaceX is Space Transportation Company got $396 million to develop Dragon Spacecraft and SpaceX invested $500 million to develop Falcon 9 Rocket. SpaceX achieved the feat on 30th May 2020.

The Boring Company is a Tunnel Construction Service Company incorporated by Elon Musk in December of 2016. Musk proposed to build hyperloop-underground tunnel for transportation connecting New York, Philadelphia   , Baltimore and Washington D.C. The company won the project for underground transportation underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center at $48.7 million which is under construction.

Musk claims that the Washington D.C – New York loop will take on 29 minutes of travel from one city to other city center which usually takes 4 hours.

Open AI is an artificial intelligence company that performs research to offer and develop human friendly AI as Elon Musk believes that AI otherwise can be a threat to humans in future. The company has got an investment from of $1 billion from Microsoft which shows the interest organisations have in building AI for development of Human life.

Neuralink is a neurotechnology company that is founded by Elon Musk with an aim to create and implant wireless brain-computer interfaces in the brains of humans to help cure Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Spinal Cord and other brain related diseases and injuries. It has created a Device that can implant a small chip in the brains and got FDA approval from the Government of United States of America. Elon Musk showed the live demonstration by implanting a 23mm × 8mm ship inside the brain of a Pig and how it performs and how easily is can be removed.

Musk is man of adventure :

He along with his room-mate during his graduation time in University of Pennsylvania decide to stay in bigger house than college Hostel and they used to arrange for the month rent in one night by converting it into a Night Club and as many as 500 people would turn up for the same.

Elon Musk has always been a fan of Movies with Gadgets and no just that he is the one who ended up buying the Gadget from a movie that is known for crazy Gadgets-James Bond. He bought a Lotus Esprit Submarine Car from the movie 1977 James Bond movie’ The Spy who loved Me’.  Of course the car cannot transform to submarine in real life and Musk has plans to actually transform it. Knowing his proven record we should wait and watch what will he do it with this Car.

Musk doesn’t shy away from trying new things, he has cameo in The Big Bang Theory in November 2015 episode ‘The Platonic Permutation’ in which he washes dishes along with the characters of The Big Bang Theory and he also played a role in Iron Man 2 where he is interacting with Tony Stark.

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