Facts about the popular TV Web series

The Pilot makes the impact

The Pilot Episode was directed by David Fincher who known for his epic movie Fight Club, Social Network and Gone Girl. And then Netflix produced the first season and then there was no looking back. It is the first Web Series to have won the Emmy for Direction, Cinematography and Casting.

House of Cards is based on British House of Cards

Netflix’s House of Cards is based on the British Miniseries of 4 episodes called the House of Cards. It was based on the Novel by Micheal Dobbs. He was the Chief of Staff of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from 1986 to 1987.

Hillary & Bill Clinton were also a part of the show

Beau Willimon, creator of Netflix’s House of Cards has worked the Nation’s (Nation here means the USA) well known politicians and he hired Howard Dean & Hillary and Bill Clinton as the Political Consultant of the series.

Chinese Politicians are huge fans of House of Cards

More than 24 million who see the show are from Beijing in China and many are political Leaders. It is streamed on Sohu TV because Netflix has not started its operations in China yet.

Team of Star Director made HOC what House of Cards is

David Fincher the acclaimed director of Fight Club not only shot the Pilot Episodes of House of Cards but also created a team of Star Directors to make it one of the most popular series of all times. Fincher shot first 2 episodes of the series and made sure the other directors follow the rules laid by him to ensure the continuity of look and feel.

House of Cards changed the way TV series were watched

The success and worldwide popularity of House of Cards changed the way TV series were watched. Netflix produced ‘Orange is the new Black’ after ‘House of Cards’ and then TV series on Streaming Platforms became the in-thing.

House of Cards is the most credible Political series

Barack Obama is a huge fan of the series and Bill Clinton once said that “ it has 99% accuracy” as per Kevin Spacey.

It wasn’t shot where it should have been

Most of the series was shot in Baltimore-Maryland in United States despite being set on Washington DC.

There is a reason that each season had 13 episodes exactly

Each season had 13 episodes that depicted each suit in a deck of Cards although the last Season which was Season 6 had just 8 episodes.

House of Cards has won hearts

House of Cards is of the very few shows that rate 9 on 10 on IMDB and is rated very high in many other platforms across the Globe. And that is precisely the reason that it is the most watched and talked about show of Netfilx.

House of Cards and Netflix have grown leaps and bounds

When House of Cards debuted in 2013, Netflix used to make $1 billion in revenue per quarter with subscriber base of 33 million which means $4 billion annually. In the year 2019, Netflix had revenue of $20 billion with the subscriber base of 190 million and growing especially when the Corona pandemic hit the world hard and people had no other option but to operate from home. It added a whooping 25 million subscribers in Q1 and 10 million in Q2 of 2020. This is more than the total number of 28 million subscribers it added in entire year of 2019.

High Risk High Return

Netflix committed $100 million in 2013 to produce 2 Seasons of House of Cards. Using the Big Data Analytics House of Cards earned Netflix millions of subscribers that turned the company into a $ 220 billion Market Capitalization as per the stocks listed on NASDAQ.

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