Facts About the Aeroplanes

Facts about Aeroplanes

Commercial Flights or also called as Passenger Airliners started more than 100 years ago on 1st January 1914 which flew between St.Petersburg-Florida-USA to Tampa-Florida-USA and then there was no looking back to where we are today.

  1. Pilots do not eat same meal

The Pilot and the Co-Pilot do not eat the same meal. The logic is simple, what if the food is not good in one of the unfortunate days which leads to food poisoning. It will be too much a risk for the entire flight if both the pilots are served same meal.

  1. Concord is not the fastest Aeroplane

Yes, you read it correct.  Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird which introduced by the US Airforce in January 1966 is the fastest Aeroplane made which can go 85,000 ft and fly at a speed of 3530 Kilometres per hour. It is not a commercial plane.

  1. Why was Concorde decommissioned

Concorde was a British-French Aeroplane which was introduced on 21st January 1976 and was decommissioned on 24th Oct 2003 after the horrific crash of the Air France Flight 4590 in which all passengers and crew was killed. It as unarguably the fastest commercial plane ever built that could fly at 2179 Kilometres per hour.   It has earned the record of being the fastest flight when it covered the distance of London to New York in just 2 hours, 52 mins and 59 seconds.

  1. The Oxygen Masks of the Aeroplanes have limited Supply

The Oxygen masks that fall from the ceiling of the Commercial Aeroplanes have limited supply of just 15 minutes which is enough for the Pilot to drop the plane from the usual 30,000 ft to 10,000 feet where one can breathe without these masks.

  1. The Flight Data Recorder also called Black Box are not Black

The Black Boxes which are also called the Flight Data Recorder are not Black in the colour as the name may indicate; it is actually Orange in Colour for it to easily identified post Crash.  They were introduced in the year 1950.

  1. Only a Superhuman can Open the Plane Door in Mid Flight

The Aeroplane Door cannot be opened in Mid Air considering the high Pressure inside the plane.  Only a superhuman can perform this impossible stunt. So do not believe the movies again when you see a human doing it.

  1. The tricky Bathroom Room

The Bathrooms Door of an airplane cannot be locked from inside. The lock is controlled from outside and can be easily opened by the crew if they wish.

  1. The Taste Buds

The taste buds do not work the same way up in the air when you flying high at 30,000 ft. This is because the dry air suppresses the sense of smell which leads to changed sense of taste.

  1. Pressure inside the Airplane does crazy stuff

The pressure inside the air cabin keeps the humidity at 20% which makes your hands dry and it makes your body lose 8 ounces of water every hour so a 20 hour flight would mean 4 and half litres. So it is advisable to keep oneself hydrated while in the air.

  1. Boeing 747 is Queen of the skies

It has more than 6 million parts, 4 engines weighing 9500 pounds each and electrical wires equal to 150 miles or 241 Kilometres.

  1. English is the Universal Language in Air

According the International Civil Aviation Organisation, English is the official language of Air Travel so all Pilots across the Globe have to speak understand basic English to communicate with the Air Traffic Controls.

  1. Busiest Route

The busiest air travel route in the world happens to be Seoul in South Korea to Jeju-do or popularly know as the Jeju Islands.  The route is so popular that there are more than 200 flights that take off every day and that means a flight every 15 minutes. In the year 2019, there were 79,140 flights that took off between Seoul and Jeju. The reason for such an influx of traffic to Jeju is the beauty of the island known for Honeymooners and Casinos.

Seoul-Jeju ranks as the No.1 domestic flights and as per the 2019 data Kuala Lumpur ranks No.1 in Internal Travel with 30,187 flights.

  1. The world of Aviation is big but the world is far bigger

There are only 5% o the total population of the world that has been in the air , means only 5% have managed to board a flight till date.

  1. Heathrow Airport is no longer the World’s busiest Airport

Since 2000, Hatsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport in Gorgia-USA is the busiest Airport in the World with more than 11 crore ( 110 million) passengers in 2019 followed by Beijing Airport China, Los Angeles International  Aiport and 4 in the rank is Dubai International Airport in Dubai- UEA with 8.6 crore ( 80 million) Passengers.

  1. You are not the only one who is afraid of flying

Fear of flying also called as Aviophobia or Aerophobia is very common. As per estimates 6.5% of Americans are afraid of flying and number could be far bigger when we take into account the entire population of the World. Do not get confused between Acrophobia and Aviophobia , Acrophobia is the fear of heights and Aviophobia or Aerophobia is the fear of flying.

  1. Commercial Aeroplane’s Age

The average age of a Commercial Aeroplane is considered to be 20 years and it can extend for Commercial Planes way beyond 20 years that have been used on long routes that experience very less pressurization cycles.

  1. The sky is full of Aeroplane every moment of the day

At any given point in time during the day or night, there are more than 9000 aeroplanes flying in the sky above us.  Most busy airspace is the American Airspace with approximately more than 5000 aeroplane at any given times of the day.

  1. Most Dangerous Times of flying

The most dangerous times during the flight are the times when it takes off and when a flight lands as it is totally dependent on the Pilots whereas the rest of the flight is taken care by the Autopilot when you are up in the air and stable. Pilots do monitor the flying all the time though.

  1. Safest Place to sit in the Plane

The safest place in the commercial airliners is the rear seat or back seat. As per the data of all the Air Crashes till date, the safest place is rear seat followed by middle and the most dangerous one are the front rows of the plane.

  1. An Airline Company with Zero Fatal Accidents Record

There have been more than 1500 Commercial Airline Crashes since it started in 1914 and every Airline Company has seen 1or more fatal accidents except the Quantas from Australia. It has never witnessed or reported a single Fatal Accident till date. The Company started its operations in November 1920 within Australia and international flight from 1935. For the knowledge the world’s oldest Commercial Airliners is KLM followed by Quantas with a difference of few months.  So Quantas is not only one of the Oldest but it is by far the Safest Commercial Airliner.

  1. Speed and Size does matter

The Speed of a commercial aeroplane is between 880 to 930 Kilometres per Hour and the biggest Commercial Aeroplane is Airbus 380-800 considering the number of passengers it can carry and how widely operational it is compared to some the bigger planes but not used widely.

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