The reel-real connection

The Netflix TV series The Crown got a lot of attention since its release on November 4, 2016. The viewers liked the idea of a fictional show on the Royals.

Although fictional, it is based upon real people and some real incidents too. Thus, the series gives a fascinating insight into the lives of the Royal Family.

There was much anticipation regarding the show. It became quite popular among the viewers. And the makers decided to produce more seasons.

The show has famous actors like Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Jeremy Notham, Jared Harris, Victoria Hamilton, Emma Corrin, Helena Bonham Carter, Josh O’ Connor, etc.

It is a beautiful work of fiction. The makers stated in the beginning how all the events in the show are not facts but fiction. There were many speculations regarding the series since it is based on the Royals.


Trailer of ‘The Crown Season 4″ recently released

There are previous works of Peter Morgan about the Queen:

Peter Morgan, the originator of the show, had previously worked on films and plays based on the Royal Family. He says that he loves to work on projects inspired by the Royal Family.

Morgan wrote and produced ‘The Queen” in which Helen Mirren acted.  Peter Morgan also wrote a play based on Queen Elizabeth- II called ‘The Audience’

The show’s budget is high:

The whole thing about the show, from the sets to the costumes, look extravagant and exquisite. The maker’s designers put much effort into projecting the royal outlook.

The show is one of the most expensive shows. According to reports, the budget for the first season itself is approximately $130 million.

The Queen’s wedding dress took weeks to get ready:

One of the utmost striking aspects of the show is the costumes. They look not only exclusive and rich but also gorgeous and aristocratic.

The wedding gown of Queen Elizabeth-II was the talk of the town. And to make a replica of it for the show was not an easy task. The designer, Michele Clapton, says that weeks of hard work made the dress perfect. The dress got much attention, and viewers liked it.

The Crown is filmed on the designed sets and not in The Buckingham Palace:

Conflicting to popular credence, the show is not shot in The Buckingham Palace. The sets look so real and lavish that it is easy to believe that it is the real palace.

The set designers did a great job. But it is not shot in the real palace.

Designers went to the palace for tours to have a better understanding of the place. They took inspiration from the real locations to design the sets and gave it a touch of royal beauty.

Two different actors played the role of the Queen:

In the first two seasons of the series, Claire Foy played the role of Queen Elizabeth-II. However, after the second season, Olivia Colman played the Queen’s role and replaced Claire Foy.

Both of them ensured full impartiality to their roles and pleased the viewers with their great acting skills.

The fourth season of the series became popular:

The fourth season of The Crown was released recently. It became famous. The viewers were excited to see what is in store for them in the new season.

The news of the introduction of Princess Diana garnered much attention. Emma Corrin did a great job in portraying the character of Princess Diana. The viewers appreciated and loved the fourth season of the TV series.

Helena Bonham Carter met Princess Margaret once:

Helena Bonham Carter, who acts the role of Princess Margaret, has met her once.

In an interview, Bonham Carter said that she once met Princess Margaret at Windsor Castle. Helena says that her uncle was also very close to the princess.

The wedding dress of Princess Diana was a great replica:

Similar to the wedding dress of Queen Elizabeth-II, the wedding dress of Princess Diana was very significant.

After the episode aired, many people said that the dress looked like a replica.

The investiture scene of Prince Charles happened at the real location:

In Season 3 of the show, there is a scene where Prince Charles gets invested as the Prince of Wales.

This particular scene got filmed exactly at the place where the real incident happened. The location of the shooting was at Caernarfon Castle in Wales. It is situated in the North Wales of the United Kingdom.

The title song of the series is specifically unique:

Three talented composers worked on the title theme of the show.

Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, and Rupert Gregson- Williams worked on the song.

The composers had to do much brainstorming for the music. Peter Morgan quite specifically said what music he wanted for the show. He wanted the music to feel regal.

The cast of the show share a good rapport in real life:

The actors do their work diligently. But apart from that, all of them share a great bond in real life. Claire Roy, in one of her interviews, mentioned how they have fun in the sets.

And she even wept on the latter-day of her co-actor, Matt Smith.

The avalanche incident shown in the series is true:

In the ninth episode of the fourth season, Prince Charles gets into an accident.

Although he comes out of it unharmed, his friend Major Hugh Lindsay dies in it. This event comes out to be true as the pilot confirmed it. Prince Charles was a few feet away from the avalanche.

Princess Diana’s struggle with Bulimia:

Princess Diana had Bulimia.

She stated this herself in various interviews. She opened up about her brawl with the disease.

And this is why the makers decided to show it in the series as well. Emma Corrin, who plays the charisma of Princess Diana, did a great job portraying her state. She asked the writers to show Diana’s struggle with Bulimia. Because she felt they had to show it honestly. Or else it would be an unfairness to people who are going through it.

As real as it gets:

A good Film making is all about making this look as real as possible. That’s exactly what the entire team of The Crown achieved in the show and for that the casting team hired all British Actors to play the Roles.

The only exception made was to cast John Lithgow who is an American Actor to play the Role of Winston Churchill and he played the same with full conviction.

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