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Joe Biden who is actually Joseph Biden has been finally declared as the next President of the United States of America.

He has created a record by earning most votes ever with a tally 74 million plus votes. The largest number votes before this was the votes garnered by President Obama in 2008 election with 69 million plus votes.

Biden’s has seen the best times and worst tragedies that anyone can imagine. His long dedicated life towards the American Politics has finally given him the dream of his Political Career with which he started it 48 years ago in 1972 at the age of 29.

Let’s read some interesting facts about the 46th President of the United States of America-Joe Biden:

Joe-Obama Bro-mance:

Joe Biden has been the Vice President under the leadership of Obama for 2 terms and his friendship with Obama is a rare President-Vice President bromance that they both love to fluant and are very proud of.

Biden ran for the President in 2008 and contested against Obama and other leaders of the opposition party. When Biden saw that he was not gaining popularity in the Opinion Polls he decided to drop out and support Obama instead by becoming his running mate.

He was rewarded well for his support by Obama and was given the Vice President chair.

Obama was supported by Biden throughout his first term and got to become the Vice President in the second term of Obama as well.

Biden was planning to run for the President in 2016 but it was Obama who convinced him that Hillary Clinton would be better choice for that year and he agreed. Such is the level of respect he has for Obama.

Tough Childhood & Teenage yet great achievements:

Biden was 10 when he moved Wilmington-Delaware. He used to stammer and the classmates used to mock him a lot. He overcame the same but a hint of it was visible in 2020 Presidential Debates. He still admits that he has stage fear and that he needs to rehearse his speech before to ensure smooth delivery.

Joe Biden was selected to join the Armed Services and serve in the Vietnam War right after he finished law school from Syracuse University-New York. But he did not join because he has a problem of Asthma.

Biden got a Chancellor Medal from his University-Syracuse University- New York in 1980, Honorary Degree from University of Scranton in 1976, Widener University of Law in 2000 are few of the Degrees and Medals he received from various Universities and Colleges.

Biden met his first wife Neilia Hunter during the Junior College Year and she had pass him $20 under the table because he did not have enough money to pay to restaurant

Lost family members yet kept on serving Public: 

Biden has had a tough life.  As soon as Joe Biden won his senate seat in 1972 at the age of 29, he lost his wife Neilia Hunter and 13 month old Daugther-Naomi. His sons were injured but recovered later on.

Not only this, his Elder son from his first marriage died of Brain Cancer in 2015.

In spite of such tough losses, Biden has been committed to his political responsibilities towards the people of United States of America.

Joe decided to restart his family life in 1977 by marring Jill Jacobs-an educator. They gave birth to a daughter.

He also had to go through a major brain surgery in 1988 twice.

From youngest to the Oldest

Joe Biden became the fifth youngest Senator at the age of 29 in 1972 when he won the seat against Republican Senator Cale Boggs and now Biden will become the Oldest President ever when he will be sworn in as the President in Jan 2021. He will be 78 then.

He was always clear that he wanted to become the President of the United States of America. When Neilia-Joe’s first wife introduced him to her mother, she asked him about his future plans and what is it that he wanted to do to make a decent living, Joe replied saying he wishes to become the President of the Country.

He was so influenced and interested in Politics that he ended up buying a Puppy for his wife Neilie during his law school days in Syracuse University and called it ‘Senator’.

As Good as it gets:

Joe Biden seems to be the ideal and most dedicated Politician who just wants to serve the Public. In 2014, he was the least Wealthy government official. 

He doesn’t smoke or drink, infact he never smoked or drank.

Joe is also known as “a man with a good heart” and this particular story justifies the same. He has travelled constantly everyday from Wilmington-Delaware to Washington D.C for more than 30 years in Train which is a 1 hour 25 minutes journey on side. So he would spend 2 hours and 50 minutes in Amtrak train every working day. He called the Amtrak crew his ‘family’ and many a times called Conductors & Attendants at his home for dinners and lunches.

He created the Act that changed America for good:

America like many other countries witnessed a lot of Domestic Violence Cases and Marital Rape Cases and the awareness was spread after the Lorena Bobbitt who had cut off the Penis of her husband John Bobbitt on account of constant abuse and marital rape. The incident has taken place on 23rd June 1993 in Manassas-Virginia-USA and it became National & International news.

In 1994 Joe Biden was drafted the VAWA act which meant Violence Against Women Act. It became law under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act when President Bill Clinton signed the same on 13th September 1994. It provided $1.6 billion for the prosecution and investigation of violent crimes against women in the United States of America.

This law and many other such actions which are done in favour of people of United States of America could be the reason why he managed to collect the biggest donation ever by any candidate running for the President.

He collected a donation of over a Billion dollars which happens to be highest ever by any candidate from any part ever.

Joe Biden has created history in 2020:

Joe Biden has created history in the United States Presidential Election in 2020. He managed to get 81,255,933 votes that’s more than 81 million votes which have never happened till date.

The Presidential Election of US in 2020 also broke all records in terms of Spends. The election turned out to be most expensive one costing $14 billion which almost double the money spent in last Presidential Election of USA.

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