The voice that made us “Dance-Dance”

Not everyone is as lucky as this young voice that made a blockbuster entry in Bollywood with his first song which became a household number “Im a Disco Dancer”, yes, Vijay Benedict who is popularly recognized as the voice of the dancing super star Mithun Chakraborty.

Vijay Benedict sang most of the hit songs that Mithun Da featured in as the Lead Actor.

Vijay Benedict ventured in Bollywood with his first song “Im a Disco Dancer” from the movie ‘Disco Dancer’ released in the year 1982.

While there were other singers who sang other songs of the movie including Bappi Lahiri (the music director of Disco Dancer) ,super star singer Kishore Kumar who was the voice of the nation during that time and Suresh Wadkar who had started his career in Bollywood few years earlier, Vijay Benedict made his mark with his first song and then there was no looking back for him.

Next 16 years Vijay sang for actors like Aamir Khan, Jackie Shroff and Govinda however his voice suited Mithun Chakraborty the best.

He sang almost all the songs of the movie ‘Love Love Love’ of the hit couple Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla. While the movie did not do well but the songs especially “Disco Dandiya” became very popular.

Vijay also sang many songs of the super hit movie Commando that featured Mithun Da as the lead actor. The title track of the movie “Commando Commando Commando” ruled the charts when the movie ‘Commando’ was released on 3rd June 1988. The movie was directed by B Subash who also happens to be the director of ‘Disco Dancer’ , Vijay Benedict’s first movie as playback singer.

Vijay was born and brought up in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh-India) and his brothers & sisters are still in the city of Allahabad. Vijay always liked singing during his school and college days however he did Business Management studies to ensure a stable career.

He enrolled in ‘Prayag Sangeet Samiti -Allahabad’ to learn Indian Classical Music and during the college days he formed a College Band called ‘Neophillacs’ which meant ‘New People’ as described by Vijay Benedict in this interview.

Vijay picked up a job after his studies in Allahabad and during one of his visits to Delhi with one of his colleague, an event happened that changed his life forever. While they were dining in the famous Supper Club of ‘The Ashok Hotel’ there was a band that was playing few English songs and it seemed monotonous as no one was paying much heed to it. Seeing this, his colleague requested him to go and perform a song. After a while, Vijay went on the stage and sang a Bollywood number and everyone started clapping with joy. He entertained the crowd that wasn’t even focussing on the music band till then and now the same crowd was requesting him to sing more songs.

Vijay is also a writer and composer. He was singing one of his compositions in the New Year Eve Concert in the famous Sea Rock Hotel of Mumbai. He had written and composed this English number which B Subash (director of Disco Dancer) politely borrowed from him and converted it into the very famous song “aa gaya aa gaya halwa waala aa gaya” from the 1987 super hit movie ‘Dance Dance’. The song was filmed in the movie on Mithun Chakraborty and became a popular number. You can see Vijay sir signing the English number in the video.

Vijay did many concerts in Hotels and stages across the Globe during first 3 years of his career after the Ashoka Hotel incident and kept doing stage concerts in London for 3 years. This is where Bappi Lahiri spotted the Talent of Vijay and called him to Mumbai to sing movie songs. Vijay came to India, met Bappi Lahiri and got the first song of his life- “Im a Disco Dancer

Vijay gave up his singing in movies after 16 years of singing some memorable songs that many Indian movie lovers sing even today and are immortal songs played in every party, concert and TV shows especially the Dance Reality Shows. He decided to pick Gospel singing instead of movie songs. He decided to give up movie songs after the sad demise of his brother in Germany.

Some of the popular songs of Vijay Benedict :

1. Disco Dancer  (1982) – I Am a Disco Dancer

2. Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki  (1984) -Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki

3. Aandhi-Toofan  (1985) – Banu Ko Mil Gaya Janu

4. Maa Kasam  (1985)

5. Sadaa Suhagan  (1986) – Hum Hain Naujawan

6. Dance Dance  (1987) – Aa Gaya Aa Gaya Halwa Wala, Everybody

Dance with Papa

7. Pyaar Karke Dekho  (1987) – Its My Challenge

8. Commando  (1988) – Mere Apne ,Maine Maine Tujhe ,Its a Dance Party

9. Hum Intezaar Karenge  (1989)

10. Farz Ki Jung  (1989) Naachenge Gayengi

11. Sikka (1989) – Blow Hot Blow Cold

12. Love Love Love  (1989) – We Are in Love ;Jeene Hai Pyar Main Jeena, Main Tujhse

Pyaar Karta Hoon

13. Naachnewale Gaanewale  (1990) – Aayi Naseebowali Raat

14. Yaadon Ke Mausam  (1990) – Dil Dil Hindustan

15. Pyaar Ka Saaya  (1991) – Tu Chaahat Hai Tu Dhadkan Hai

16. Laal Paree  (1991) -No Objection

17. Meri Jaaneman  (1992) – Romance Romance

18. Daddy  (2017) – Zindagi Meri Dance

Movies as Playback Singer

 1997 Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat  

 1991 Pyaar Ka Saaya  

 1991 Nachnewala Gaanewale  

 1990 Pyar Ke Naam Qurban  

 1990 Jaan Lada Denge

 1989 Hum Intezaar Karenge

 1989 Sikka  

 1989 Love Love Love  

 1989 Gentleman  

 1989 Hisaab Khoon Ka

 1989 Farz Ki Jung

 1988 Kanoon Ki Hathkadee  

 1988 Commando

 1987 Dance Dance

 1987 Pyaar Karke Dekho  

 1986 Sadaa Suhagan

 1986 Badkaar  

 1985 Adventures of Tarzan  

 1985 Maa Kasam  

 1985 Aandhi-Toofan  

 1984 Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki

 1982 Disco Dancer  

 1978 Des Pardes  

Mr.Vijay Benedict was honoured for his contribution to Bollywood in the recently held 19th National Aap Ki Awaaz Press Media Award in Mumbai. The award was given on 21st May 2022.

Vijay Benedict

Vijay Benedict’s Golden Shield for the success of the songs of movie ‘Disco Dancer and other songs.

Vijay Benedict

While Vijay Benedict decided to discontinue signing film songs and took the Gospel singing career, the fans will always cherish his young and romantic voice in the ever green songs like “Im a Disco Dancer”, “Kasam paida karne waale kee”, “Pyaar ke naam Kurban”, “Love Love Love” and many others.

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