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My name is Bond, James Bond… actually the name of Ornithologist-Dr.James Bond. Writer Ian Fleming picked up the name for the spy.

Ornithology is the study of Birds. Imagine James Bond studying Birds.

Ian Fleming had written the first James Bond Novel ‘Casino Royale’ in 1952 and the first James Bond movie ‘Dr.No’ was released in 1962.

There was no looking back after that with 24 James Bond movies made in till 2015.

The 25th James Bond movie ‘No time to Die’ is slated to released in April 2021.

Ian Fleming & Golden Eye:

Ian Fleming has written 14 James Bond Novels & he wrote all these in ‘Golden Eye’, the Estate-Golden Eye in Jamaica.

Its a resort built on Oracasbessa Bay on the northern coastline of Jamaica. Ian Bought the 15acres land in 1946. Fleming used to host Actors, Musicians and Film- makers.

Ian Fleming lived from 1908 till 1964. He served as a Naval Intelligence Officer in the British Naval Intelligence Division in the Second World War. He planned the Operation Goldeneye during his stint in the Navy. He also worked as a Journalist.

His stint in Navy Intelligence and his work experience as a Journalist provided enough fodder for him to pen down James Bond Novels one after the other.

And yes ‘Golden Eye’ was the 17th James Bond movie which was Pierce Brosnan’s first  James Bond Movie.

Destruction guaranteed:

When it comes to James Bond, display and destruction of Cars during the Action sequences is obvious.

A total of 15 BMW 750s were destroyed in Tomorrow Never Dies of 1997

& the signature Car of James Bond-Aston Martin went in the largest lake of Italy-Lake Garda during a stunt

& last but not the least 7 specially designed Aston Martin DB10 sports cars were damaged along with many other vehicles in ‘Spectre’ costing more than $32 million.

The first of Bond:

Skyfall of 2013 happens to be most commercially successful bond film till date.

It made $1,108 million beating the second most successful bond film Thunderball of 1965 which grossed enough worldwide that would have been equal to $1,047 million.

007 is the Hero, where are the 00s:

James Bond-the secret spy of the British Secret Service is all about 001, 002,003…….007….008 & so on.

In all the James Bond movies till date, 008 is mentioned in some of the movies as the next Agent who will take the place of 007 in case of demise of 007 or if he is removed from services.

Whereas 001 and 005 are the number never mentioned in any bond movie.

002, 003, 004 and 009 died in different James Bond movies made till date.

The stunt became a world record:

‘Live and Let Die’, the 1973 Roger Moore James Bond movie had a sequence in which the stuntman jumped and covered a distance of 120 feet in a real Galstron GT 150 speedboat. The stunt became a world record in its own.

Also, in the following 1974 Roger Moore James Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ had the first ever ‘Astro Spiral’ jump. An Astro Spiral means a jumping a distance and doing a 360 degree rotation while doing so. The stunt was performed in the movie by Loren Willert in Thailand by jumping off a wooden ramp.

It was performed using a real AMC Hornet X hatchback, the car used in the movie.

Most Expensive Movie Song Ever:

The song ‘Die Another Day’ by Madonna made for the movie ‘Die Another Day’ happens to be most expensive music video till date after Scream of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.

The song was made at cost of $6.1 million in 2002, Scream costed $7 million in 1995.

The first Movie to use LASER:

3rd James Bond movie Goldfinger released in 1964 featuring Sir Sean Connery as 007 was the first movie ever in the world to show a Laser Beam as a Weapon.

The use of Laser Beam became a phenomenon used in many movies across the Globe especially the bigger Movie markets like China and India.

The Aston Martin Stunt:

The Aston Martin DBS was flipped over 7 times in the accident scene of the 2006 James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’ in the famous scene in which Bond is chasing the car which kidnapped his girlfriend.

The scene was performed by stuntman Adam Kirley of UK in Milkbrook Proving Ground in Bedford of United Kingdom. Milkbrook Proving Ground is a test facility that offers test tracks for Cars and Heavy Vehicles.

The car and the stuntman performed multiple rolls with the help Nitrogen Cannons fitted in it. This is one of the most iconic real stunt carried out in the movies.

Pierce Brosnan could have become James Bond in 1987:

Pierce Brosnan, one of the most loving and charming James Bond who debuted as James Bond in the 1995 movie Goldeneye.

He was offered the first Bond Movie that was released in 1985 A View to Kill which he could not join and then he was considered for the role of James Bond in 1987 The Living Day Lights which he could not join owing to the contract with his ongoing TV series Remington Steel.

Similarly, Timothy Dalton was offered the 1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service as his first James Bond movie which was later played by George Lazenby.

It was George’s only Bond movie. Timothy rejected the offer saying “he was too young to play James Bond”.

Later Timothy became James Bond in the 1987 movie The Living Daylights. And he did his second James Bond movie Licence to Kill which was released in 1989.

James Bond Title Tracks:

James Bond movies usually start with a scene that sets the plot and introduces the James Bond face of that particular movie followed by the famous James Bond Gun Barrel Shot. And this is followed by the Title Track.

Almost all James Bond movies has the Title Track with very creative Music Video that adds another flavour to the whole experience of watching any James Bond movie.

Like mentioned above the title track of ‘Die Another Day’ sung by Madonna is the second most expensive music video in the history of Music and Movies business.

Many James Bond Movie songs make it to Billboard Top 100 but there is just 1 James Bond Song that has made it to the top position of the Billboard Top 100. The song was the title track of the 1985 James Bond movie A view to Kill. Duran Duran was the band that sand the song.

007s till date:

Roger Moore has played James Bond 7 times in a row, followed by Sean Connery who did 6 James Bond movies. It is important to note that, Sean Connery was the first James Bond who played the role from 1962 till 1967 and then again in 1971.

George Lazenby also goes in the history books for played James Bond, only once.

Timothy Dalton played James Bond twice followed by the most charming Pierce Brosnan who played James Bond 4 times from 1995 till 2002.

Daniel Craig has already done 4 James Bond movies from 2002 till 2015 and will be featured in his 5th James Bond Movie ‘No time to Die’ in 2021 which is going to be his last James Bond movie as per the current news.

More interesting would be see who will take the throne of the next James Bond 007.

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