The Gentlemen’s Game

Cricket is a game which has 2 main formats, one if the One Day Match and Test Match, not just this, Cricket has evolved from a 50 overs a Day in One Day International Matches to 20-20 formats that has 20 Overs a day for each team to score. It has also evolved from a game played by limited countries to many more now.

The longest Match of Cricket was the Match that was held in 1939 in Durban. The Match took 12 days to finish. It was a test match between South Africa and England.

The longest Match actually took 43 hours and 16 minutes to finish. It was played from 3rd March 1939 to 14th March 1939. However, there was a rest of 2 days in between on 5th and 12th March & there was day when the teams were had to stop the Match because of rains.

In spite of total of 1981 runs and 5447 deliveries bowled, the Match was the Match turned out to be Draw.

The shortest Match of Cricket was held in the famous Trent Bridge Ground of Nottingham-United Kingdom on 12th June 1926.

It was a Test Match that lasted on 50 minutes.

It was played between England & Australia.  England scored 32-0 and only 17.2 Overs were bowled.

The Game of Cricket was originated from England-United Kingdom.

However, it is an irony that England has only managed to win 1 World in 2019. And even in this Game, England could only match the score New Zealand in the Final. Both the teams scored 241. And then both the teams were given a Super Over to play in which again England made 15 runs and New Zealand also made 15 runs.

Finally, the game was won by England based on the Boundaries they scored which was higher than that of New Zealand.

Aasif Karim from Kenya is not just a known Cricketer, he is someone who not only represented the Country in the Game of Cricket by playing for the team from 1993 till 2003 but also represented Kenya in Tennis in the 1988 Davis Cup.

This is not the only Cricketer who tried playing other sport. There are many others.

The very famous and most celebrated Cricketer is actually now Sir Vivian Richards. KNH, OBE. KNH-Knight of the Order of the Nation Hero is the most exalted Order of National Hero in Antiguan & Barbuda & OBE-Officer of the Order of The British Empire is The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

He is the only Cricketer in the World who represented the Country West Indies in Cricket World Cup (he played in 1974,1979,1983 and 1997 World Cups) and in Football World Cup of 1974 in which he played the Qualifiers for Anitguan & Barbuda. Of course, the team did not qualify among the 16 selected team of FIFA World Cup 1974 else we would have seen him on Television playing Football even now.

Cricket has come a longggggg way. The first game of Cricket was played in 1646 and the first international cricket was played in 1844. Cricketers have evolved from wearing the White Uniforms to Coloured ones with logos of multiple sponsors.

In 1868, Australia did a tour to England and each player had Caps of Different colours. This was done in order to ensure that spectators recognize the player from distance.

Sourav Ganguly is the only Cricketer in the World to have won the 4 consecutive ‘Man of the Match’ Awards. This happened in the India-Pakistan Friendship Cup that took place from 13th to 21st September 1997 in the city of Toronto in Canada.

India won first 4 matches consecutive and Pakistan won only the 5th match making India the winner of the Friendship Cup.  Sourav was given the ‘Man of the Match’ in all 2nd. 3rd, 4th and 5th Matches.

Chris Gayle from West Indies, who is also known by the nickname of ‘Universe Boss’ is one of the greatest batsman of Cricket. He is one of only 4 batsmen in the history of Cricket to score a Triple Century in Test Cricket. Other 3 are Virendra Sehwag from India, Sir Don Bradman from Australia and Brain Lara from West Indies.

Not only this, Chris Gayle is the only Crickets since the creation of the Game to hit a Six in first Ball of a Test Match. This happened in November 2012 when Chris managed to hit a Six in first ball delivery of Sohag Gazi of Bangladesh. It was the debut of Sohag Gazi in International Cricket.

Chris also broke the record of another star Batsman Brian Lara in 2013, by scoring more sixes in test cricket by a West Indian cricketer.

Virendra Sehwag from India is among the 4 cricketers who scored 2 Triple Centuries as mentioned in above but the important fact is that he holds the record of the fastest Triple Century and Fastest 250 till date. He also held the highest score in One Day International Cricket of 219 runs till Rohit Sharma from India broke it by scoring 264 runs.

Jim Laker from England holds the world record for taking 19 wickets in a Test Match played in 1956 against the Australia. The Match is known as the ‘Laker’ Match. The nearest anyone has gone is Anil Kumble from India who took 10 wickets of players of Pakistan cricket team in a Second Test Match that was held on 7th Feb 1999.

And last but not the least, Sachin Tendulkar from India is a world famous Cricket because of what he achieved in Cricket from 1989 till 2013 is what many dream of.

Sachin is the only batsman to have scored more than 30,000 runs in International Cricket. His total runs are 34,357. He is only player to score 15,921 runs in Test Cricket in 200 Matches.

Sachin and Sourav Ganguly have together crossed 100 runs mark and made the record of doing so 21 times in One Day International Cricket format.

Sachin and century in Cricket go hand in hand. While he holds the record of most ODI centuries which is 49, he also has been the closest to 100 run mark by score runs between 90-99 in 28 occasions, 18th of them being ODIs and 10 being Test Matches. No doubt, he is treated as the God of Cricket in India & appreciated world wide for his contribution to the Game of Cricket.

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