The Material Girl

Today, we will talk about ‘The Material Girl’ and ‘Queen of Pop.

Her full name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. She is an American singer, songwriter, actress, author, and also an entrepreneur.

Even after decades, there is still no one quite like her. The charisma and grace that she has are incomparable. She has millions of fans all over the world. And her impact on popular culture is tremendous.

Her life is truly a rollercoaster of events. Her life is no less than a thrilling movie. So, here is a collection of several interesting facts about ‘Madonna.’

Madonna was named after her mother:

Born on 11th August 1958, in Michigan, Madonna was named after her mother.

She lost her mother to breast cancer when she was just five years old. In her childhood, people close to her called her by the name ‘Little Nonni.’

Madonna had three brothers and two sisters.

Madonna got a dance scholarship:

She was a great dancer and even got a dance scholarship. She studied at the University of Michigan on a dance scholarship.

She also was a great student. But later on, she dropped out of her university to follow her career in music.

Her brother mentioned that when she came to New York City for the first time, she only had $35.

An employee of Dunkin Donuts:

This is surely a rather surprising fact about the Queen of Pop.

She worked in Dunkin Donuts when she first came to New York City. She left Dunkin Donuts after a short stint to make a career that made History and inspiration for all the female singers in the world.

She was a band member in her initial years:

Before working as a solo artist, Madonna was actually a member of the band named Breakfast Club.

She also was a Drummer of the band.

She formed the band with a musician called Dan Gilroy. This band helped her to grab the attention of Sire Records.

She had a great influence on the music industry:

Madonna played a huge role in making dance music famous in the mainstream music.

She released several hit songs like Borderline, Lucky Star, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Crazy for You, Angel, Papa Don’t Preach, La Isla Bonita, and so on.

Did you know that she is also an author?

Madonna is a woman of multiple talents. She wrote 10 books.

Madonna published her first book, The English Roses, in the year 2003 & created another record by becoming the fastest selling children’s book of all time.

Madonna turned down the famous film Batman Returns:

The makers of the film Batman Returns offered her the role of Catwoman. But she turned down the offer.

However, Madonna has acted in a total of 22 films.

Madonna also had famous relatives:

She had many famous relatives. Some of them are Celine Dion, Gwen Stefani, and Mark Wahlberg.

Her debut album was a self-titled one:

Madonna was her debut album, which was released in July 1983.

The song ‘Everybody’ was her first single.

Her first role in movies:

The first role she ever did in a movie was of a club singer. It was a very short role in a film called Vision Quest.

Did you know her name is there in the Guinness Book?

She has released fourteen albums till now. And all her albums had great sales records.

This also earned her a position in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling more than 200 million records worldwide.

Madonna is not only the most successful female solo artist of all time. But she is also the best-selling female recording artist.

Madonna is declared as the best selling female Rock Artist of the 20th Century by The Recording Industry Association. It is only Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and The Beatles that are ahead of Madonna.

Fact In fact, Madonna and Michael Jackson were ruling the World Music simultaneously during the peak of their career from 1979 till the early 2000.

Madonna broke her own records:

With her Sticky and Sweet Tour, she broke her own record.

The tour was so successful that it even broke her two years before the Confession Tour’s record.

The Sticky & Sweet Tour Ticket made her $408 million, the highest ever.

Madonna holds the record of highest tour ticket sales amounting to $1.5 billion by any female artist.

Another surprising fact about her is that almost every year her singles topped the UK 40 charts. The only times when this did not happen was in the year 1988, 2004 and 2007.

Madonna won a Golden Globe:

Her performance in the musical Evita was beyond impressive.

She won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy.

She even won the Worst Actress of the century in 2000:

This would come as a bit of shock. But on the contrary of winning the Golden Globe, she won nine Razzies.

And was also given the title of the Worst Actress of the Century in the year 2000.

Madonna did not like the color orange:

This is quite a weird fact. But Madonna strongly disliked the color orange.

She wore quite vibrant and bright outfits and accessories but tried to avoid the color orange.

Nomination for the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Madonna got nominated for the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but she turned it down.

Madonna wrote True Blue for her husband:

She wrote the song True Blue for her husband, Sean Penn.

They got married in the year 1985 but got divorced four years after that. But even after the divorce, they remained good friends.

She performed the song in a 2015 concert in the presence of Sean Penn. And he even watched the performance with a smile on his face.

Madonna Paid $90 million to her second husband for divorce:

After getting divorced from Sean Penn, she married Guy Richie in the year 2000.

The famous director of Snatch, Sherlock Homes, The Man from UNCLE and Lock, Stock & 2 smoking barrels-Guy Ritchie made news worldwide when he got anywhere between $70 to $90 million from Madonna in Divorce Settlement. This was a exceptional news.

Madonna tried her hands-on film-making as well:

She wrote and directed a movie in the year 2008.

The name of the movie was Filth and Wisdom. Even though the movie did not really do well, people and critics appreciated Madonna’s hard work and her directorial skills.

Did you know that she has a wine named after her?

Madonna’s father, Tony Ciccone, has a winery.

And he named a wine after his daughter to honor her. The wine was called ‘MADONNA,’ and it even had five specific variants.

She also wrote children books:

There is probably nothing that the Queen of Pop cannot do.

She wrote ten children’s books. And out of them, the most famous one was titled Friends for Life.

She has the most symmetrical face-the Perfect Face:

Do you want to know something interesting?

Plastic surgeons used her face to refer to the most perfect and symmetrical face.

She definitely has the most striking and attractive features. Her doctors and surgeons claim that she has the most perfect face.

Madonna named one of her daughters after a French city:

She has a daughter with Carlos Leon and her name is Lourdes.

Madonna named her after the city in France.

Madonna’s mother was quite religious and always wanted to go to Lourdes. Because people believe that the Virgin Mary appeared there. This is why Madonna named her daughter after the French city.

Apart from her, Madonna also has five other children.

She has a son with her second husband, Guy Ritchie named Rocco Ritchie. And Madonna adopted two children from Malawi named David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie and Mercy James.

Later on, she went ahead to adopt two more children named Stella and Esther. They lived in an orphanage called Home of Hope before Madonna adopted them.

Her song “Vogue”:

This is probably the greatest song created by her. And you would be surprised to know that this was a last-minute addition.

The song was not initially on the album but added there at the last minute. And it turned out to be one of her most iconic songs of all time.

Her music video ‘Like a Prayer’ was a bit controversial:

The music video created a lot of buzzes. Some people found it a little offensive because it affected their religious beliefs.

This controversy also resulted in Madonna losing her sponsorship with Pepsi. But what’s really surprising is that this is also one of her most popular videos.

It was a worldwide hit.

Her name appeared in several notable lists:

She was on the list of 25 Most Intriguing People in 2001. And no doubt, with an interesting life like hers, she ought to be on that list.

She was also on the list of the 50 Most Beautiful People for the Peoples Magazine in the year 1991.

Forbes declared Madonna as the top-earning celebrity of the year. Her earning was an estimated amount of $125 million.

Her unique fashion sense:

Even though she inspired a new sense of style and fashion, she was also criticized for it.

In fact, she was once voted as the “Worst Dressed Celebrity” in the People Magazine issue in the year 1999.

But she is still one of the fashion icons of all times. Her style influenced the fashion industry to a great extent. She also designed a clothing line for H&M Britain.

‘Material Girl’ made Madonna super rich:

Madonna created a new version of Sesame Street of 1969, it was a kind of spoof. The song was the part of her second Album ‘Like a Virgin’.

Madonna has a total Net Worth of more than $550 million making her one of the richest female artists.

Madonna is an epitome of success story of Self Made Woman who came to New York in 1978 with $35 in her pocket.

After the super success of the Song ‘Material Girl’, she is popularly known as the Material Girl.

She is unlike other Female Singers: 

Madonna knew her star power and her business acumen is highly respected in the world of Music and otherwise.

Other than Music, she runs her own clothing line for brands like Macy’s and H&M, a skin care brand by the name MDNA Skin, A Fitness Studio Brand called Hard Candy Fitness that has centers in many countries, her Children’s Book Series, a sunglasses like with Dolce & Gabbana and much more.

You read about the Queen of Pop and here are some interesting facts about The King of Pop The King of Pop

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