The Land of Rising Sun

Japan is one of the super captivating and interesting countries in the world. The country is famous for its Technology, but the country is more than just its technology. The country is a dreamland for many people. With several beautiful landscapes and shrines, it attracts a lot of tourists. So, if you have never been there, you should plan a trip to Japan soon.

Japan has become the 3rd largest Economy because of its obedient people who are known to be working long hours &

Believe it or not as per a survey 63% of the people in Japan felt guilty when availed the Paid Leave.

Japan has a rich culture. The country is full of natural landscapes and beautiful sceneries, which will leave you in awe.

So, here is a collection of several unique facts about the country of Japan.

It is mainly an island country:

The country of Japan comprises of 6,852 islands. Basically, it is group of islands called Archipelago. Out of these islands, four of them cover the major portion of land. The names of the islands are Kyushu, Shikoku, Hokkaido and Honshu. Most of the important cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are there on Honshu Island.

The origin of the name ‘Japan’:

The term ‘Japan’ in Japanese is ‘Nippon’ or ‘Nihon, which means the ‘land of the rising sun.’ Since we all know that Japan is in East Asia, it is stated that it is the rising sun’s land.

Life Expectancy is relatively high in Japan:

Most people in Japan live a longer 10 years longer than rest of the World. Experts think that the reason for this is their balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The life expectancy in the Okinawa region of Japan is highest in the World with Average Age of Men at 84 and Average Age of Women at 90.

You would be surprised to know that Okinawa has 400 plus Centenarians who are living above the age of 100.

The majority of Japan is full of forests:

Japan has almost 69% of its land surface covered with forests. The Aokigahara forests in Japan are also known as ‘the suicide forest.’ There are many forests in the areas near Mount Fuji.

Japan is known for its Earthquakes and Volcanoes:

Since the country of Japan is located on several tectonic plates, it is quite prone to earthquakes. The tectonic plates are namely- Filipino, Pacific, North American, and Eurasian. Although most of these earthquakes are not harmful, severe earthquakes can also occur there. The Tohoku Earthquake, which happened in 2011, killed a lot of people in Japan. It had a scale of 9.0 and therefore caused a lot of harm to Japan’s life and property.

Japan experiences 1500 Earthquakes every year.

114 Active Volcanoes is what Japan has and 47 Volcanoes are so active that the scientists have to keep an eye and monitor all on regular basis to predict any catastrophe.

Mount Fuji is sacred for the people of Japan:

Mount Fuji is one of the significant mountains of Japan. The people of Japan consider this place sacred. The people of the Shinto religion think this place blessed since the 7th century. According to the Shinto Religion beliefs, Princess Konohanasakuya is the divine soul that resides in Mount Fuji. And her symbol is cherry blossoms. Most people who love Japan know that cherry blossoms are a unique feature of Japan. And the cherry blossoms also make the place look wonderful.

The popularity of ‘Anime’:

The pop culture of Japan is immensely famous all over the world. Most teenagers and youngsters watch Japanese Animated Movies. These movies are also called ‘Anime.’ So the Japanese Animation industry has demanded worldwide. Moreover, it forms a massive part of their success and fame in the entertainment field.

Japan has a low number of crimes:

The crime rate in Japan is relatively low. People who live there confirm how safe the place is. The natives and tourists from different parts of the world stated that Japan is quite safe. So the criminal records are deficient in Japan. The Safety Index of Japan is 80.43%, one of the highest in the World.

Japanese trains are really punctual:

The trains of Japan are known all over the world for their punctuality. They reach every station precisely on time. And even if they are late, their maximum delay is just 18 seconds.

Japan has an underwater postbox:

The underwater postbox in Japan is almost 30 feet underwater. The postbox is in a famous fishing town called Susami.

Japan’s favorite food is Sushi:

The most prevalent cuisine in Japan is Sushi. It is readily available in all parts of Japan. But apart from Japan, nowadays most countries have restaurants where they prepare Sushi. Starting from India, U.K., to the various American states, it is available everywhere.

The numbers of children are relatively less in Japan:

Many surveys proved the fact that there are more pets than children in Japan. In fact, the registered pets-animals like cats and dogs were quite more in number than the children. According to the last survey, Japan has 21.3 million pets and only 16.5 million children.

Tokyo is a highly populated city:

Tokyo, Japan’s capital, is also among the world’s most populated cities. It has a population of approximately 38.14 million. The city is full of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. Moreover, tourists also go there the most among any other place in Japan.

The unique highway in Japan:

The Hanshin Expressway goes through the 5th to 7th floors of the Gate Tower Building. This highway is there in the city of Osaka. Thus, it is quite an interesting fact.

The Japanese Diet is the healthiest:

Japanese food is quite famous throughout the entire world. The people of Japan maintain a properly balanced diet. This helps them to be fit and healthy. The Japanese diet consists of foods like rice, vegetables, fish. They like to indulge in foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The climate of Japan differs from one place to another.

Since the geographical extent of Japan is from north to south, it has different types of climate. The four main islands of Japan have entirely different kinds of temperatures. A city like Tokyo has a moderate climate. But on Hokkaido island, the weather is quite extreme. Furthermore, the winters are freezing there, and the place receives a lot of snowfall.

Square melons are famous there:

This is something which we will only see in Japan. The farmers in Japan grow watermelons, which are square in shape. The farmers say that they do it because it gets more comfortable for them to stock the melons. They find it challenging to pile them up if they are round in shape. This is why they harvest melons that are square in shape.

Japanese people have raw meat in their cuisine:

Sushi is a familiar and favorite food, not just for Japanese but also several other people. Raw fish or half-cooked fish is there in Sushi along with rice. Another standard raw meat food preparation eaten by Japanese people is ‘Bashari.’ which is a form of raw horsemeat.

Cleanliness is a cultural norm in Japan:

The people of Japan take cleanliness quite seriously. They live a very disciplined and organized life. In every household, cleanliness is something taught from the beginning. Not only in their houses, but cleanliness is also trained in schools as well. Therefore, students and children learn this from the start of their life.

The Royals are just symbols:

Every Country has given powers to Royals of the Country, more or less but they do have some powers and say in Government.

The Current Emperors of Japan are just the symbols of Tradition and Culture; they have no real power and say in the functioning of the Country. Naruhito is the present Emperor of Japan

This is unique only to Japan.

Japan was shut to the World for 200 years:

The Shogun (military leader) of Japan Tokugawa Lemitsu shut the doors of Japan for the world for not 1 not 10 not 100 but for 200 years. It was imposed in 1635 & the event was called Sakodu Edict.

It continued for 200 years till 1864.

Small yet Powerful:

In spite of being such a small Country Japan is the 4th largest Economic Power after USA and China. As per the Area, Japan comes at 62nd among the 194 countries in the world.

Japan has created a highly developed free-market Economy .Japan is manufacturing super power. Automobile and Electronics is what Japan has pioneered in.

Japanese people are fans of KFC & McDonald’s:

Christmas in Japan is celebrated with KFC. It has become a tradition of sorts. There are 3.6 million people who hog on to KFC during Xmas celebrations.

Not only this, Japan has maximum number of McDonald’s outlets after USA. It has anywhere between 2900-3000 outlet which is huge. No other country outside USA has such high number of outlets of McDonald’s.

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